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    Sapphire 7950, crashing and rebooting all of a sudden. Scary!

    Until a week or so back all games had been running just fine on my system.I had been playing mighty hours on Battlefield 3 and managed to finish off CoJ:Gunslinger. I decided to take a break from gaming to catch up on comics. Things got hairy when I tried to play BF3 yesterday, it ran fine for some minutes before the system just rebooted without so much as a BSoD. The same happened with Binary Domain and Crysis 2, and Far Cry 3: BloodDragon rebooted the system at the main menu itself. These are all games that had been running decently a while back. The only one that gave me trouble previously was The Witcher 2, but it stopped crashing after a while.

    I checked the GPU temps before and after the crash and they were around 40C. I haven't made any changes in the software.

    Here are my system specs:
    Sapphire 7950 3GB
    Asus P8-Z77M Pro
    Corsair 650TX V2
    i5 2500k

    I would greatly appreciate any help in this matter because as a layman, I'm pissing my pants in panic right now.

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    If it's not overheating (and you should check CPU, MB etc., too) then it could well be power issues. Either the supply is giving up (how old is it?) or possibly something has gone wrong on the MB. I'm usually suspicious of power supplies myself. A reboot like that is usually some sort of defensive thing so temp/voltage is a possible culprit.

    Stupid question alert!: I presume you've plugged all the power plugs in to the graphics card that it needs, with plugs from separate rails? I've seen someone have this problem with only one plug in a 2 plug card - the graphics card works fine until it gets stressed, then fails because it can't draw enough power. I assume this isn't the case as you say you've had epic BF3 sessions, but you know, stupid questions first, eh?
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    Yes, all slots of the cable has a power cable going in it. Also, a curious thing happened today, I played each of the offending games: Binary Domain, Crysis 2, FC3 Blood Dragon quite some hours without any problems. Which is curious since yesterday FC3 was rebooting the pc as soon as I started it, the rest of them were giving me problems too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shane View Post
    I checked the GPU temps before and after the crash and they were around 40C.
    This does not sound right. While I have not read any new review of graphics card in the last... several years I think (the one I have still serves me good), if I recall correctly the temperatures should be much higher while playing. If You just checked the temps prior to playing, and after the crash, then that will not be of much use to You, since the GPU would not be that hot anyway (it would cool after the crash before You were able to record its highest operating temperatures).

    Take a look at here. I do not know if You have the Vapor-X edition, but on the linked site it shows that at stock speeds and at load the temps are around 62 oC.

    Since I have had similar problems in the past, make sure that You:

    - clean the GPU fan of dust (I suggest a vacuum cleaner); shut down a computer and unplug it from the power source
    - make sure You have well ventilated case, especially now in the summer (in Europe at least) - to do that You should have several ventilators installed in the case, and make sure that cables are not (significantly) obstructing the normal airflow
    - I have no time to check right now, and since You have played normally with Your power supply (PSU), I suppose that the wattage of the PSU is sufficient.

    EDIT: Okay, so it did sound right, but 40 C is idle temp.
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    I have a 7950 Asus and 40C is the idle/low on my GPU Tweak temp chart. My first thoughts is either a Power or Hard drive issues.

    I hit over 70C if its at full load and the GPU fan does not kick on higher than 30% (Default it at most goes to 50%, at least you can define the speeds at different temperature).

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