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    I am not super-hyped for the game or anything, but I may very well buy it when it comes out.

    I don't care about the combat per se - and I don't really see why everyone else is so up in arms about it. Sure, it looks generic, but it doesn't look any worse than almost every other MMORPG out there. GW2 looks better, but other than that?

    No, what I'm looking forward to in the game is the group dialogues and storyline. For all the hate and scepticism TOR is getting, it seems to be that it's easily forgotten that they ARE trying to do something new. I'm not saying it'll be a success, but the idea of actually trying to get a story going and allowing groups to partake is clearly new from the "TL; DR" clicking and farming of WoW and co.

    That's how I'm seeing the game: as a traditionally singleplayer RPG (long story, cutscenes, dialogue choices) that I can play together with my friends. Kind of like how you could play BG2/NWN2 with your friends in the party, only that was clunky as hell because a) only one player actually participated and decided in conversations and b) the games were obviously not meant to be played in MP (that is, the storyline,not talking persistent wolds here). The idea of choices + no saving because it's an MMORPG has great potential, to me. The more if I can do it with my friends!

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    I loved KOTOR and I tried my damnest to love KOTOR 2. I'm with Tei on this one; if I can get my KOTOR 3 fix from TOR then I will be a happy chap.
    (However I'm going to be out of the country, and away from my desktop, for 3 months when it comes out so it'll probably be easier for me to judge it when I get back)

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