I've organized a couple of ESF flying trainings, and the response have been great. Not only do they seem helpful for people who want to learn a bit about how to fly, but they are also great fun. The lead, as well as participate in (I hope at least :P). The first session was a basic introduction to flying a scythe, with mostly me talking about stuff like keybindings and basic manouvering. The second session was focused on dogfighting and some more hands on practice. And the funny thing about the second session was that even though I "organized" it, there wasn't that much for me to do. Once people were got someone to practice with and something to practice, it pretty much kept on going by itself.

So I was thinking... Why don't we have this every week? Just have thirty minutes or an hour dedicated to some flying training for those who are interested. All we need is someone to start a squad and do a bit of managing. We could decide on different things to do on a more general basis, and just do whichever of those things people want to do on any specific session.

This would also be good opportunities for people to learn the basics of flying as well. One of our more experienced pilots could take them aside a bit and go through the basics if there is any need at any given session. So the set-up would be most people practicing dogfighting, attacking ground targets or something while a few people are in a small group in the beginning to give introductions before joining the bigger group.

So what do you think? It's very little effort, and very much to gain (and also probably very fun). Even if it's just like four people chasing each other in scythes for half an hour, that's good enough for me.

Also, when would people want this? I think it's good if it's on a regular basis, on the same time. For example, every monday at eight. Or something. If you have any requests for time, let us know!

Examples of things to do:

- Chasing and being chased.

- Dogfighting.

- Chase the leader.

- Coordinated attacks against armor (has not been trained yet).

- Avoiding Lock-ons (has not been trained yet).

Let me know what you think. I'm definitely willing to take charge of a large number of these sessions, but the beauty of the system would be that pretty much everyone with a bit of experience can do it. So it'll be very flexible on not dependent on any specific person.

TL,DR: I want to start a regular flying training thing. Are you interested?