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    Quote Originally Posted by Rizlar View Post
    Maybe we should just get a bunch of people drunk on mumble with a set list and see what comes out?
    How about we get some people drunk and have a small segment (maybe 5 mins) On the drunk people attempting to defend a base? Could have some funny results

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    I'm still up for helping with the editing/production side of things, though I'm shit out of ideas in terms of structure. Let me know what you're doing and I can try to help out technically and get something palatable done.
    My old sig didn't meet with the community guidelines. This one does but isn't anywhere near as interesting to read.

    You're welcome.

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    So just thinking out loud here. Here are some ideas for structure based on current goings on...

    Inside Gaming are good at this sort if thing, check them out if you haven't already. Not saying I want to emulate them, but inspiration and all that.

    Segment 1: Roadmap & News on future ie: Mallorn-Amerish info // Hossin News // upcoming sales/cosmetics via vanu labs.
    Segment 2: Recent patch changes and how it's changed the game for the better/worse.
    Segment 3: Trans-Server news ie: Outfit & Alliance news // Meta game developments // a feature with someone prominent.
    Segment 4: Community love ie: Player made videos, art, playerstudio // 'kill streak of the week' or something.
    Segment 5: Outfit spotlight, focussing on miller ones initially due to easy access, maybe branching out? // small recruitment bit?
    Segment 6: Alert stats and stories // a 'Reddit dredge' // something witty to close it on.

    5 minutes or so per section? With exceptions for ones with higher content value or prominence.

    So yeah, any ideas? Hopefully this gets the cogs in peoples heads turning!

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    So your thinking would be to have this podcast focus on planetside, rather than anything we fancy playing/talking about?

    Correct me if im wrong, but wasnt part of the original idea to possibly do other games as well?

    Im not saying your structuring is bad, as its a good layout were we to go for a PS2 only based thing, but id like to see at least some stuff mixed in there about what we are all playing.

    I think if it were to be an entirely PS2 related thing, it might run dry a little quick. If there was a segment or two about something that dynamically changes, i.e. the games we play as new games are released, then it would add something different each time.

    I would maybe suggest adding something like dewi suggested, a segment on what else we are playing. Maybe some focus on AAA titles, and indie titles, or something like that. Possibly even a section each time on something you used to play, memories and all that.

    I would actually like to see it be a more 50/50 split, tbh, as while there is probably a lot of PS2 content you could cover, I think there would be a lot more to discuss if we were to throw in some of our opinions on new and old games and discuss the ups and downs. IT would be particularly interesting if we were to touch on games that one of us had played, but the others might not have.

    Additionally, I was thinking the PS2 "news" as it were could actually be presented in a news bulletin style manner, and maybe be either mid way, or at the end of the show as it were. This would allow us to segment from one other gaming related section to the news then to another gaming segment.

    We could always focus the title on PS2 news, but then add in the other topics in the header or something.

    Personally, I feel that there are already a lot of sources for news on whats coming up on PS2, and most people probably just read the update logs, so while its a good idea to have some of the focus on PS2, I think focussing attention on other things that might be a bit more unique to us would be much more original, as while theres nothing new about liking the games, our insights and discussion would be more varied and interesting.

    A secondary suggestion if you dont like the idea of merging, would be to have two podcasts in this monthly or bi monthly period... One month we do PS2 news, the next month we do general gaming and personal discussion.

    I quite like the idea of this format, but it would require more work.

    The good thing is, that the segment on other games would mean that we could probably pull archive footage of the games to play on youtube whilst we were discussing it. Again, we could always play the game while discussing it, though that might draw attention more.

    Sorry to waffle, but there are lots of possible routes!

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