Hello there, RockPaperShotgunners!

My name's Anthony Palma and I'm the CEO of Kermdinger Studios, the 3-man indie studio behind Stunt Runner, a 2.5D physics puzzler for PC, Mac and eventually mobile. The game follows Smash Johnson, a washed up stunt actor that needs your help to make his epic comeback to the big screen! Instead of controlling Smash, you play the director and control the stunt objects that go in the scene (trampolines, jetpacks, a bag of cats, etc.). Place a bunch of items in his path, yell "Action!" and watch him autonomously run through the level, interacting with the stunt objects as he comes upon them! Set up the objects to help him get (relatively) safely to his mark at the end of each level. Or launch him into a wall nuts-first at 100MPH. You might not win, but it'll definitely be awesome.

We peg the gameplay as being a mix of Lemmings and The Incredible Machine, two of my favorite old games. We were immediately listed as a Staff Pick on Kickstarter and have been performing decently on Greenlight for our first few days, so you indie lovers should definitely check them out! We need all the support we can get on both campaigns, particularly on Kickstarter, so if you like the game, please consider backing us and voting for us!



I'm only posting this on a select few forums and RPS is a huge community, so I'd love to engage you all and talk to you about Kermdinger, Stunt Runner and anything else games.

Looking forward to it!