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    Monitor Program enabling me to monitor texture fill rate Loadout and Shaders. ?

    Looking for a bottleneck i have hit a Brickwall.

    Using Gpu-z and Mooo System Monitor i detected that Cpu/Gpu/Memory are hardly used (20% to 50 %).
    Nonetheless i still have horrible FPS in Project Reality 1.0 .

    I suspect insufficient Texture Fill rates,Shaders etc.

    Now assuming this is even possible for my Gtx 260:

    Does anyone know of a Program which would allow me to Monitor Things like Texture Fillrate *Loadout* and other more obscure Bottlenecks ?
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    Woah, hm. Fill rate's a pretty synthetic measure as far as I'm aware; I'm not sure about actively monitoring it. The guy that runs PC Perspective (Ryan Shrout irrc) might be able to point you somewhere but I'm in the dark there.
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    Turn down your texture quality all the way, see if your FPS increases?

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    What Boris said - also remember that how much GPU memory you have makes a MASSIVE difference in some games.

    I used to have a 512Mb 5670 - compared to a 1Gb and 2Gb card I was getting HALF the fps in some games - and GTX260s are <1Gb usually?

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