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    Question Reddit Gaming Marathon - November 2nd

    Not sure if any of you bunch are redditors, but they're having a 24hr game-a-thon in aid of children's hospitals on November 2.

    Reddit blog post thing with event details here

    Now as a man that plays a lot of video games anyway, no one's about to sponsor me to do it for 24 hours, but I'd volunteer to co-ordinate something on RPS and PS2's behalf.

    I'd be happy to be on for the 24 hour period and introduce any new players that come along to the beauty of PS2 and RPS. We could promote it on the Reddit thread and PS2 subreddit, encourage people who are doing the marathon to stop by for a while and we can show them a good time.

    A bit CtA-like, and a way to spread the good word of Vanu to a chair-bound (captive?) audience. Thoughts?

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    Sounds like a good idea. Rei was talking about doing a charity marathon PL session at one point. Using it as a platform to introduce people to the game, a la CtA, is a really nice idea.

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    Sounds like an excellent idea to me. I won't know until nearer the time if I'll be available, but if I am I'll happily jump in a welcome channel or whatever.

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