You say fictional violence towards a disadvantaged population shouldn't be treated with more care than generalized violence? Well, I never thought of it that way, but it makes so much sense!

Rape is more off-limits than murder in media but it's more common than murder in actuality. Perhaps there's a relationship between rape's ubiquity and its place in the zeitgeist? There is academic speculation about this. I feel like writing about that, but probably not here.

I guess HLM2 (as with HLM) is trashy content with solid mechanics. The rape bit can be seen as overt provocation and/or a naive mistake. In any case it's also trashy, which at least evinces consistency of tonal indifference. Having watched the scene and given HLM's tone I don't personally think the rape is out of place; it's as tasteless as the rest of it.

Some clowns seem to object to the preview as if she "doesn't get it" but from what I can tell she explicitly experienced the "why is this worse than murder?" feeling and she simply felt the presentation was an overstep because of incongruent mechanics (the loss of agency in that specific event) combined with an overdone trope.

Also, she explicitly said her self-identification as a woman influenced her reaction (i.e. being of the sex which is most frequently raped was said to have had something to do with her response to a portrayal of a female being raped).


Mostly-male libertarians not grokking how/why a woman may react differently? Jesus fucking cluggula.

Grab yer bug-out bag, Hypernetic! I jus'red th'innernet, annit'sed'der femmernatsees evvarwhar!