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    Quote Originally Posted by Bankrotas View Post
    So... slept on it and had a thought.
    Is that scene in game is really a rape? Cause in context, that's a movie stage, those are actors, "rape" victim is an actor. She read the script of the movie and since she's in the scene, I could say, it was her choice to be there.
    This was my reaction. It wasn't crystal clear if it was a meant to be out-and-out snuff, but the director yelling "cut" (not to mention "you're supposed to be killing, make it look like it" and him being, ya know, a director) pretty much gave the idea that the entire scene in question was staged.

    edit: Now seen a vid that explains the trailer isn't of the game as such, but the making of a movie within the game, of events that were meant to have happened in the game's world. So yes, someone gets raped, although what's shown in the trailer is a reinactment of an event in the game, not the actual event in the game. Although I suppose either would look the exactly same, in the game, only with or without the director.

    Now arguments over whether that makes it more or less distasteful can continue, I guess.
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