So far we have improved our squad cohesion and supported new leaders with theme weeks. To make us easier to lead for all those new leaders and to make us more effective generally it's time for some...

Theme Week 3
18 - 25 August
Comms discipline

Getting the point across more easily
without getting in the way of the banter.

What's this then?
Whichever comms system we use we always find some people are getting overloaded with voices. Also, we sometimes waste too much time giving tactical reports inefficiently. Both make us less effective and prevent the free flow of banter. This week is about reinforcing a few basics about what to say, when and how to reduce both of these problems. The result should be straightforward comms where banter thrives and we are more effective at fighting.

List of do's:

  • Think before you speak.
  • Identify squad and platoon leader's voices (mumble overlay can help here) and shut up quickly when they start speaking.
  • Be succinct and specific when you give tactical reports.
  • Shut up immediately when someone says "break break".
  • Once you've said "break break" let people know when to recommence bantering by saying "all clear".
  • Use your squad name and number to identify yourself to others: "Bravo three needs some ammo".
  • Use the compass to give directions: "They're spawning at the north western corner of the base".
  • Define between friendly/enemy: "Friendly/Enemy Sunderer down" = lost spawn point/successful attack.
  • Check which channel you're speaking to. Only speak to all if you really need to.
  • Generally be excellent to each other.
  • Chat and banter as much as the game will allow.
  • Politely call people out if they're not following these guidelines. Consider using /tell for this purpose.
  • Spread the word on Mumble!

List of don'ts:

  • Do not shout out anything that sounds like orders if you are not the SL or PL: "Ok everyone get over here", "Everyone needs to redeploy to warpgate NOW". etc.
  • Don't talk over other people.
  • Don't over use "break break" - generally it should only be used by SLs, PLs and ROs when they can't get their orders or sitreps across. The nature of the game is that there will always be 'urgent' tactical info (e.g. MAAAAXXX!!!) to report but using "break break" for this stifles comms unnecessarily which risks people not respecting "break break" in future.
  • Talk open-endedly to no one in particular - if people aren't really engaging with your story about that time you killed a prowler on your own maybe it's because they don't really want to hear it now.
  • Get personal if people aren't following these comms guidelines, see above about being excellent.

Spread the word!
For this to work as intended, people need to know this is an actual thing that is happening, and I can't personally be on to make it known. Help me. Tell people that this week, we're focusing on comms so that we banter when the time is right and our interl reports are more useful.

​As always, comments, additions, discussion are all welcome below!