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    Components Purchasing

    Upgrading your PC for new people. Explain how it works. Where they should look, what should they be looking for in particular, how to find out how much a component is worth, and how to find good deals.

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    How it works:

    In my best dry manual voice:

    Case opens with screws/latches. RAM and CPU attach to motherboard with clips and slots. CPU heatsink attaches to motherboard with clips/screws/bolts/pushpins and via power lead. Motherboard attaches to computer case/chassis with screws, standoffs and front-panel leads. GPU attaches to motherboard with slot and clip and to case with slot and screw. Storage media (optical drives, HDDs and/or SSDs) and power supply unit (PSU) attach to case with screws. PSU leads plug into motherboard, GPU and storage media and data cables connect storage media to motherboard. Open bits of case close with screws/latches.

    Beep bop boop.

    Where they should look:

    In USA: Newegg, Amazon, SuperBiiz, NCIX, B&H.

    What should they be looking for in particular:

    Whatever is as powerful & balanced as one can afford. Some review sites:

    My favorites are TR and AnandTech.

    How to find out how much a component is worth:

    Plug component name/model number into Google/eBay.

    How to find good deals:

    Review sites' "hot deals" sections and/or sales/mailers available at aforementioned retailers.
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    Use to find the cheapest deals.

    Tom's Hardware just updated their guide on the best graphics cards for the money. They have one for CPUs as well.

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    Taking advantage of combo deals, instant savings, and rebates, I just priced this out this morning for right around $695. And it comes with 3 games. I'm keeping my current case, HDDs, etc. I just need to run it by the misses at lunch so that I can pretend to respect her opinion on whether or not I can buy it. Ah, marriage!
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