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    Ymir : an online strategy game mixed with a 4X game and a building constructor.


    I'm here to present you my quite ambitious game called Ymir.
    It's a game about strategy, diplomacy between players and management.
    Ymir is the mix of a 4X game ( like Civlization ) , a building constructor ( Anno, Caesar.. ) and an online STR game ( Stronghold kingdoms, Travian... ).

    Considering the little credibility one gets when announcing he's gonna make an online multiplayer game all alone with no coding experience, i quietly worked on my project for 2 years before planning to communicate more extensively about it, until i got some serious things to show.
    Ymir has just reached the alpha stage and though its unbalanced, crippled with bugs and exploits, it's now actually playable and - i hope - entertaining ( and addictive according to the few people who got to test it ).
    Along with this alpha milestone, the first game of Ymir that went on for a few weeks with a small group of friends/testers just ended yersterday with a huge final battle between a coalition of players VS an evil traitor who pillaged and attacked a few of us.
    ( Sorry for my english, not my native language!)

    Ymir is a day by day online game of strategy with a stand-alone client (not a browser game!).
    In this game, each player controls a faction of Pigmen living in a fully persistent online world.
    The current objective is a max 100 players per server on persistant mode( so not really a 'massivly' multiplayer game).
    Also, with a variety of tweakable speed settings, the game will have a more "real-time" mode for players who just want to play with friends in a more traditionnal way.

    The world is composed of regions and each region matches a unique zone you can colonize and build a city on.
    Each zone is procedurally generated to match the worldmap region.
    There is 8 types of climat, 4 types of relief, rivers, lakes, swamps, coasts...
    You'll find some climate specific ressources like olives in mediterran, apples in the north, cacao in tropical... ore deposits, wild animals or cultivable plants.

    Starting usually with a tribe in late neolithic, you develop your cilivilization discovering new knowledges, building cities, gathering resources and interacting with the other players.
    Like an online browser game, in Ymir your people is persistent. Your citizens produce, consume, breed even when you're offline.

    This game is, and will always be, absolutely free of any kind of PAY-TO-WIN. If ever there is a premium account, they will only provide cosmetic improvements but will never advantage the player over the non-premium ones in the game in any way. Creating a game forever free of such thing is one of my main goal.

    Population is a key aspect of the game.
    - Population cannot be directly constrained : you can't directly 'delete' or block population. They breed naturally and will even spawn slums if you do not provide enough housing.
    - Population is divided in social classes : farmers, artisans, merchants... Each class has its own stats such as Health, Life quality, happiness, intelligence...
    - Population has 'needs' organized by priority. Vital needs ( food and water ) come first, followed by level 2 needs such as furniture and clothing, and so on.
    - Each need has a percent of satisfaction and a quality level. You can satisfy your Porcos' need for food just feeding them with wheat, but satisfying a need with different types of ressources will increase this need's quality providing a big Life quality and Health bonus. There is for exemples many different foods : meat, beans, wheat, vegetables, fish... The more you'll provide the better.

    Ymir is a complex economic simulation.
    This is probably one of the key aspects making Ymir different from all the other city builders.
    - Your city produces a material wealth and this wealth is divided between each social class depending on their income. A class with the highest income will monopolize the largest share of this wealth. The wealth then determines what ressources this class can afford to buy.
    - A social class income is based on how many ressources they sold : for exemple, farmers selling their food at the market to the rest of the population, or miners selling stone to the player for a new building .
    - The price of each ressource is dynamic, and based on offer/supply and wealth balance within your society. There is no predetermined "expensive" ressource : if you have a small elite of rich pigmens in your city and only produce a small amount of pottery, that product will likely adjust its price to maximize benefits and become expensive, only available to those rich. Start producing a lot of it, and as it will become more beneficial to sell more at a smaller price : the price will drop.
    - With technologies, you'll gain tools to influence and control your economy, like providing social help to some social class or adjusting income tax, VAT tax, import/export tax, intermediaries ( do the producers sell the ressource directly or do i use a merchant who will keep a percent of the income for himself ? ).
    - Building more is not always the better : sometimes you'll be in a situation where distributing more of this specific ressource will unbalance your society, and understanding how things work is a part of the game and will differenciate the good manager from the bad.

    There is many ressources to produce and gather on those Casear-like warehouses, giving you a visual satisfaction of your wealth and many buildings to build and upgrade.
    Each building evolve over 4 levels, improving efficiency and ressource production. Some buildings can create "annexes": a sub building belonging to the main one and giving an additional production. The most common, for exemple, beeing the "Field" annex belonging to a Farm building. But it can be mining shafts for a foundry, or a quarry for a stone mason etc...

    Ymir is also a game of politics and diplomacy.

    Whether you're just interested in creating a peacefull city or a huge empire, diplomacy will be the core of the game.
    Players will be given a wide range of diplomatic tools such as peace treaties, tributes, vassality , taxes, right of passage and more.
    Players will be able to merge as a unique faction and to decide how far they want to unite. Whether is a completely centralized kingdom sharing taxes, technologies and diplomacy or just a federation of independent players acting together.

    There will be no limitations to a player's behavior : everyone will be allowed to blackmail , threaten, pillage or attack anyone. Even a strong player against a newly spawned one. Dealing with the particular situation where you'll find yourself in is the point of the game, including facing a much more advanced opponent. Convince him to stop, team up with other factions, emigrate, become the vassal of another equally strong opponent... It will be up to you.
    However armies will be really expensive to maintain and create, requiring adult males, equipement, salary and constant replenishment, lowering your kingdom's growth. Attacking someone will be a huge risk.

    Players can create units containing any combination of troops they want, military and civilian. You can create trade caravans by creating a unit with mules, chariots, carriers and a few soliders as an escort. You can create a settler's expedition by recruiting families and loading ressources in the unit to colonize a new tile. Or you can just create a regular army composed of archers, footpigs, cavalry and ever mounted Mammoths.

    When two ennemy armies meet on a same tile, they trigger a battle that can be witnessed in real time
    in the region view. Unlike many other online games, those battles are not instantaneous and allies can reinforce the armies during the battle.

    My next objectives are to gather enough people around this project, keep stabilizing this first playable alpha version for a wider test and eventually preparing a kickstarter if enough people find this project worthy.

    -> Facebook page
    -> Website

    Thanks for reading :)
    I hope you find this project interesting, and if so, a facebook like is greatly apreciated as its my current best way to measure interest!

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    These last days i’ve been working on Ymir’s avatar customization system.
    Each player will be able to compose it’s avatar by combining 4 layers (face, eyes, snout and mouth ) to create a unique porco easily recognizable by others.

    To celebrate the completion of the basic set of avatar pieces, i’ve created a small stand alone program called Porkator allowing you to play around with those before you can actually make one ingame!
    Porkator is available in the new “Dowloads” section here :

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    Heh, you put porco rosso in there? my hat is off to you!

    Looks interesting, but Im really not into wargame RTSes, no matter if they sound like a bunch of fun. Best of luck to you, Sir!
    - Tom De Roeck.

    verse publications & The Shopkeeper, an interactive short.

    "Quantacat's name is still recognised even if he watches on with detached eyes like Peter Molyneux over a cube in 3D space, staring at it with tears in his eyes, softly whispering... Someday they'll get it." - The Conclave

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    Aye, looks very interesting. please keep us updated!

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    On October 26 a new game is organised to test Ymir’s Alpha, and i'm looking for about 20 volunteers to test it.

    Considering that currently the majority of people following this project are french, this game might be mainly played by french speaking testers. However, the game itself is in english.
    If you still want to participate, feel free to join the forums and take part in this closed alpha!


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    Hi everyone!
    I made a presentation video of my game, hope you enjoy it!
    You can also see the latest visual progress of the game : new citizens, building animations and city sound effects !

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    Hi everyone!

    In last December i decided to resign from my Job in a video games studio in UK, and i've now been working full-time on Ymir since this January.
    A friend of mine, Aplyro, also joined the project on full-time and is working on the graphics allowing me to now focus mainly on the design and code.
    The development will now progress at a much higher speed!

    I'm updating the project to a newer version of the engine for steam support, and pushing the quality to a more professional standard.

    I've been doing a pass on all the UIs to support all the regular features of windowed modes and different screen resolutions. Here's a preview of the new main menu.

    I'm adding a proper editor into the game, merged into the client itself.
    For now the editor will only be used to create custom worldmaps and edit its regions.
    Eventually its functionnalities will grow over time to allow more modding ( like editing units and buildings ect... )

    Alpyro is working on all the vegetations of the game, upgrading old ones, making variants more unique, adding new trees for each climate type...

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    Region and worldmap display have been optimized a lot, allowing for bigger maps.
    The region size had been doubled.

    Soft shadows were added to the terrain, making the heights easier to read.

    We're adding a new category of procedurally placed cosmetic vegetations (animated shrubs and tall grass) to make the regions look more lively.
    Here's a photoshop preview of the new nordic set by Alpyro, also with additional nordic trees.

    WIP of the oceanic set of procedural vegetations, with plenty of flowers.

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    Gentlepigs, Ymir is now up on Greenlight.
    Its the biggest milestone for the project yet, and we really need this to test the game within steam ( accounts, server management and listing etc, easily organise alpha and beta testings ).

    We need all the help we can get!
    So everyone interested in this game is more than welcomed to vote for us on Greenlight and share the news!


    Also as other news, since January the work on all the biomes is done. They're now much more unique with more specific and diverse vegetation types. The rendering of regions has been optimized.
    I addded post processing shaders to alter brightness and colors depending on climates.
    We added new cosmetic NPCs : ambiant animals ( birds for now ), and new ressource animals for each climates ( goats, capybaras, llamas, camels and more ).

    Also each biome now has a set of cosmetic animated vegetation : grass and bushes. They can be disabled for lower spec machines.
    We also made a new region and worldmap procedural generator. The previous one was a really slow and temporary solution as an external program. It's not in the client itself as an editor, and regions can be generated in a few seconds on the fly ( so servers will generate regions as the game goes instead of having to pre compute everything before it starts ).
    Worldmaps can now also be procedurally generated with different settings as input (temperature, sea level, continents etc... ).

    Here's a small video showing the new biomes


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