Hey guys!

I know GTA V is not coming out on PC for a while, but with the console release date being mere two weeks away, I thought I might remind the people who will buy it for the Xbox or the PS3 that there is a Social Club crew which I had initially created for Max Payne 3.

As you probably know, crews will carry over between all Rockstar games and are platform-independent, so if you want to play with RPS people after the release of GTA Online, this is probably your best bet.

We have 15 members as of now, most of which joined the crew back in the Max Payne 3 days.

Personally I will be playing GTA V multiplayer on the Xbox 360 together with a few other RPS guys, but I am certain that a fair amount of people in that group will be playing it on PS3, too.

Anyway, here is the link for the group:

As the release of GTA Online draws closer, I will put up some information here and on the group's wall as to when we will play together!