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    I helped him buy the parts at the weekend, he put it together (surprisingly) without my assistance on Monday. Everything seems to be working properly. Thanks for the advice, everyone.

    He picked a cheaper case in the end, it's a bit basic but seems alright. Saved 20 on that which went to upgrading the graphics card to a 7790.

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    Can someone please post a link to RPS article about mechanical keyboards?
    P.S. what is a good mechanical keyboard?

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    Most are good, by virtue of being mechanical. You need to decide which color switch you want. Read this:

    Then you also have to decide the key layout. I, for one, can't stand keyboards that place the \ | key next to the / ? key where the shift should be. I want that key to be above the Enter key. Any keyboard that has that doesn't have that automatically is disqualified for me. Others think I'm retarded for wanting that and want it the other way around.

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