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    The PPA Harasser is good for climbing a hill behind an Esamir base and spamming the spawn and teleport rooms over the wall. This can be done with 1 man. To repair, you move down the hill where you can't be hit.

    Also, climb up to the balcony stairs of a Tech plant and overlook the point and the gravlift landings. You can kill off the first Max crash yourself if they don't know you're there. With radar you don't even need an Infiltrator buddy.

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    I had a really great run in a Harasser tonight. I got a lot of gunner XP (Thanks LaKroy) and i got a lot of Roadkills! It's slowly taking over my ethos in Planetside 2! I highly recommend trying it if you haven't already!
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    Yeah, that was a lot of fun, Nick! I like to take the opportunity to gun harasser halberds, so if I'm around I will probably be up for more.

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    I have a halberd harasser and don't use it much -- if you're ever out of resources/on cooldown hit me up. I'll pull it for you.

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