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    Conniption: Play the disease

    Hello Rock, Paper, Shotgun! My name is Gabriel Farrugia and it's a pleasure to be here. I represent FarrugiaSoft and during the last two months we have been hard at work on our new game project, titled Conniption. The game is in Prototype phase and we wanted to post it on some forums and see what people make of it, if anything at all.

    About the Game
    In Conniption you play as an ultra-intelligent self-aware virus developed by the highest-ranking members of society with the sole purpose of terminating the middle and lower classes of humanity. That's right, you're a virus. Spread amongst the globe, strategically place and position your infected, hunt down terrified civilians, mutate and evolve your ranks, terrorize military interventions and invoke state-wide biological disasters. Take humanity by surprise and leave no survivors.

    Media - Screenshots

    Media - Trailer

    Play the Game
    It would really mean the world to us if you could take a minute and download Conniption and tell us what you think and what needs fixing. There are many new features to come, including base building, more missions, more infected types and more human interventions. With your help and feedback we could see which features are more important than others and implement those first.

    To visit the website and download the game go to or click here for the direct link.
    (Windows only for now, Linux coming soon, no Mac for now)

    Contact Us
    For game related info/inquires:
    For bugs/glitches/issues:
    To contact lead developer:

    Please, let us know what you think and thanks very much for your time.

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