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    Calling some a fucking bloody shitstain for thinking that Wizardry was a good RPG serious would not be acceptable under a silence the bigots rule. Doing it for saying that women aren't as good at videogames as men would be allowed.
    Your definition of "bigot" is a huge problem for one thing.

    I suggest whenever people disagree they just disagree and advocate their position. Also i think the classier sort of insults, reliant on sarcasm and the like would be tolerated much more than merely calling someone a shitstain. It would have the same (or probably greater) effect whilst also being palatable for other viewers of the forums and in light of that should be deemed acceptable conduct by moderators.

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    I am bigoted against Rommel fans.

    Ban me.

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    I am bigoted against pandas. Let them die out, fucking stupid bamboo munchers.
    I am once again writing a blog, vaguely about playing games the wrong way

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    In case of forum degradation pull cord.

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