Hi, everyone!

Steam Marines puts a group of up to four marines on a steampunk spaceship and throws enemies in your face. Deck levels are procedurally generated, the ship's walls are destructible, and the game is generally unforgiving. There is a heavy focus on unit positioning combined with fog-of-war and line-of-sight, and a score system and New Game Plus lends extra challenge and replayability.

Alpha Release Trailer

Steam Marines is currently on alpha sale via Humble Widget and Desura for $4.99 USD for PC/Mac, but there's also a demo on the official site although it's about two months old. I'll be maintaining the demo builds and a new version should be incoming sometime next week to bring the gameplay of the paid/free versions more in line with each other. A lot can change in two months!

Official Site: http://www.SteamMarines.com
I'm on Twitter a lot: https://twitter.com/Worthless_Bums
I also made a post on Reddit's /r/IndieGaming a while ago with more game info/and what the future holds!

Thanks for reading!