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    Your Mail File Quota has been exceeded (4/4)

    Yeah. I drop so many messages, the inbox ends up full after a brief flurry of activity in a game like dominions 3 or solium infernum.

    Is there any chance of a private message inbox raise? I have tried to archive them but it regularly fails when i archive on my mobile and 50 messages (including outbox) goes pretty fast. TY
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    Related to this (I think), would it be possible to automatically erase messages? And to be able to set up the time interval when that happens? Or that once 50 messages are accumulated, the oldest get deleted? I do not care about message conservation, I just find it tedious to have to think about emptying my inbox/sent folders. If this could be done - great, and if not - no problem.

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    I think you can set the sent items to be empty at a time but for inbox I doubt. What is the use of receiving messages at the inbox when it could be empty?.

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