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    Ah. Right. Because when you drag out the same arguments against Kadayi or whoever and throw in cool words because you enjoy the way they sound or mean it's not pointless frippery.

    When I repeat old arguments (in closed threads) in response to your old arguments (in new, fresh threads) and rather than doing it as a one-liner do it as a concise summary of the whole of my opinion on the matter it's pointless frippery.

    Not sure what to make of that but I certainly don't like it.

    Excellence in my mind is giving people the benefit of the doubt, not being prissy.
    Then we can take into account worthy provocation or whatever. But objection to foul language is being prissy. Objection to verbal abuse is reasonable reaction. One person's verbal abuse is not another's, so there's that can of worms, too. But it's not a matter of being prissy.

    Like Gundato said, it's really fucking unpleasant to have an environment where people are comfortable verbally beating on you over and over. It's a little more complicated in discussions like this where opinions and personal stuff are more directly relevant, but when you're just talking about a game and what you thought about it while playing and someone feels the need to contribute nothing to the discussion other than make fun of you or call you a moron ... fuck that. That's a hostile environment we shouldn't support. I see it happen to a lot of posters, and I hate it; I don't care how cute and cleverly it's done and I don't even care so much about how explict the insult is. I wholeheartedly agree it's not just about how explicit the insult is or the exact words used ... but that's kind of like saying "guns can be used in non-lethal ways, and fists can kill people." It's true, but ...
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