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    What's the Kickstarter potential for my game Spark Rising?

    I need some honest feedback on the Kickstarter potential of a game I'm working on. Half of me says "we're ready". The other half says "ah... it's still missing something."

    So I'm looking to get some insight into my game Spark Rising. You can also download this prototype build I put together which lets you zoom around a flying fortress.

    Thanks to our voxel game engine you can build amazing fortresses, vehicles, characters and more. Creation is just half of the equation. The other half: Destruction.

    Take all your creations and set them into massive battles against mechs, dinos, or even zombies. Our dynamic battle scenario lets you jump into the heart of the action. But this isnít just a twitch shooter. You have to use strategy, defenses, and troops to fight back against ridiculous odds. How battles unfold can change based on how you approach it. You can play through our story mode, or against other players in our conquest mode. Or if you just want to go nuts, create whatever you like in our creative mode.

    So here's where I think the main hook is: You can share all your creations with others, and we make it easy with a central platform that manages everything for you.

    I know that visuals and videos can help tell the story. So far the reaction to the visuals has been strong. Using a colored cube approach has added a distinct style to the game. I am getting a lot more ? about how the battles work, so I been trying to clarify how that plays out more.

    What do you feel like is needed that would elicit a "Shut up and take my money!" reaction?

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