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    Anybody playing/played any Ludum Dare #21 submissions?

    If so are there any that people have come across that they definitely think are worth a try? I'd spend some time playing a few randoms but time isn't really something I have a lot of so I'd rather go off recommendations, especially considering there are 600, which is pretty daunting.

    I've given a couple a go already, Notch's, which was cool but I, like many others from the sound of it got up to that ghost boss a few times, got my arse handed to me a few times and gave up with my tale between my legs. Out of interested if anybody has managed to get past that boss how close was it to the ending? Also, if you can hide spoilers on this forum, what happens after that?

    Also played "Upset", which I'll give a willing recommendation.

    It's not with out it's problems but is, in my opinion, very close to being something really quite special and mostly certainly would have been had it had a bit more time (that's Ludum all over though I guess). Reminiscent of Digital A Love story although definitely more of an actual game than Digital was, and as it is, isn't quite as good.

    Edit: Also, seeing as this is RPS and talented folk visit here, if you submitted something yourself I say you can and should freely plug it to the rest of us. I'll plug my blog if it makes you feel better,

    There you go, have fun not reading that. Now plug away.
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