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    Dominions 3: God of the Hill

    Victory conditions woo! This game will have a VP on every capital. Own more than half the capitals to win.

    Players: 6-8 land, 0-1 water
    Map: Streamlands (see below for links)
    Age: MA only
    Mods: CBM 1.95b
    Turn times: 36h to start, extensions on request.

    The victory conditions for this should mean lots of diplomacy going on so we need to allow time for that, however I'd like to keep the game moving and don't plan on delaying for people who've gone silent. If you need a turn extension, ask.


    I'll give it until Saturday evening for signups, then start Sunday evening or as soon as everyone's picked a nation.

    Player - Nation:
    1. Kelron - C'tis
    2. CKScientist - Ashdod
    3. Heliocentric - Abysia
    4. Nahru2 - Machaka
    5. Screwie - R'lyeh
    6. Jameshank1 - T'ien Chi
    7. Eschatos - Vanheim
    8. Rotekian - Agartha
    9. Dominicus - Man
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