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    Stupid AI, terrible and nonintuitive UI, terrible scripting mechanics, inconsistent retreat mechanics, nonexistent and unpredictable logic behind morality checks, insufficient documentation (yes, despite those 300 pages of manual) are just a few of the numerous flaws I am discovering about this game. And I have played a grand total of 4 games - RPSAlexander, RPSGodOfTheHill2, around 15 turns of tutorial and circa 20 turns of some random game on a small random map. I am starting to hate this game.

    Instead of boasting about "thousands of spells/units", the devolepers could perhaps focus on more pressing issues regarding all the broken or semifunctional mechanics. Stupid game. I mildly resent you Dominions 3/willseeabout4!

    EDIT: Well, stating that there is no logic behind morality checks is stating what is false. The "logic", however, is cringe-inducing, for me at least.
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