Ey guys and girls,

Hope you don't mind me posting here but there is a certain lack of Kickstarter Katchup on the website lately so I decided to post my project here!

My name is Sherida and for the last year and a half I've been working on my pet project Beyond eyes. It tells the story of Rae, a blind girl who uses her remaining senses to visualize the world around her.

Due the accident that left her blind, Rae suffers from agoraphobia and prefers to stay at home, playing with a fat stray cat called Nani who is her only friend. When Nani goes missing Rae musters up all her courage and starts her search for him.
Because she has never been outside of the garden before she has absolutely no idea where she is and to navigate through the world but by focussing on her other senses she grows more comfortable. By touching and smelling and listening to the world around her the white space slowly starts to reveal itself.

One of the most important things of the game is the relationship between you as the player and Rae. Her reactions and mood towards the player are influenced by his behaviour towards her. When you decide to be an asshole to her and force her into dangerous situations she will distrust you and not dare to take any risks, struggling against your input if you try to force her again. It works both ways of course, if you're kind, respectful and let her experience nice things she will trust you and it will be very rewarding.

Right now I'm almost a year away from completing the game, that means if I get to work on it full time. That's why I launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund the remaining development. You can watch the video below

And here is a link to the project! http://igg.me/at/beyondeyes

If you like it consider making a pledge and/or spread the word through your social network!

Any questions? Please ask !