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    RAM & Motherboard

    Hello, looking for advice on Motherboard & RAM

    Currently looking at Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD4H ATX LGA1150 &

    Any thoughts on better choices at similar prices, though I'm willing to go up to 300 for the pair?

    CPU is Intel Core i5-4670K may overclock but not excessively, a cooler recommendation would also be very welcome.

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    The motherboard is a little expensive, but not excessively, and you do get quality and features for the money.
    But 8 GB of memory for 115 is bonkers.

    You're not going to really benefit from DDR3-2400, but if you do insist on such fast memory, you can still get it much, much cheaper. Here's a Kingston kit for around 70. Really though, DDR3-1866 or 2133 is going to be plenty fast. And then you're in the 50 neighborhood.

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