Hey all,

I'm Dylan Kelly the creator of SLiP a side scrolling platformer that features a color swap mechanic the likes of Ikaruga. I've spent many months creating the game and just launched the Kickstarter a few days ago. I feel very strongly about the quality and fun of the game but I'm just having trouble getting the word out so a shameless self post is what I'm resorting to (although that kinda seems the spirit of this particular forum).

Below is a picture from one of the later levels showcasing its difficulty.

So if it seems like the kind of game you'd be interested in, I would love if you checked out the Kickstarter or download them demo and give it a shot! (Gamepads are supported)


The demo can be obtained for PC by clicking or copying the link (the download will start automatically):

Any feedback would be great and if you play I really hope you enjoy it!