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    I agree on the no mods thing. In terms of being serious, as long as youre talking about how weve played arma in the past, that sounds good. Im not sure I want to role play being an actual soldier, though

    I only mentioned the silly stuff in case people wanted to join in whenever we play arma.

    They are in essence silly, but you can play wasteland, battle royale etc pretty seriously too (not altis life though!). Cant remember what the game mode was, but there was one server we played on before that had two teams against each other and these towers you fought over. Mind blanked.

    Its still a war sim, just not a real life war sim.
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    I think I started off in that serious philosophy but much like Minecraft, very few games offer the painstakingly detailed pissing about experience that ARMA does. On the few occasions I try to be serious, the game doesn't meet me halfway and work properly.
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    I also agree about not using mods (it's just too much mucking around when it doesn't work for someone, and the vanilla game is pretty god damn good by itself).
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    Hello all, just thought I'd put a link in here: the thread in the main forum about the upcoming Arma night since I thought the PS2 folks might like it but not see it over in the main forum. Basically me and Arty are organising an evening playing one of the new MP modes that comes with the recent free update. No mods needed, no fancy comms set up, minimal faffing. We'll be using a proper server (that we have used many times in the past, it works well) so network issues shouldn't trouble us. The aim of this event is firstly to have fun but more specifically to make Arma a bit more accessible as it can be a bit daunting on your own or joining a big established group for the first time.

    So if you fancy it check out the thread and come along on Friday (this Friday, 17 April).
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