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    Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance of newbies

    The current HIB has SupCom:Forged Alliance as one of the base games. Everyone can get it for .1$ or whatever cheap they can afford. Heck, I'm even thinking of buying extra keys and gift them around in some weeks/months if people still want to buy in.

    For those of you outside the SupCom gig, there's an entire community dedicated to patch and improve the game, with their own client with support for matchmaking+modmanager+mapmanager. They are called the Forged Alliance Forever. The installation of their client is trivial, and creating a new game is fairly easy.

    I was wondering if we could form a group/league of newbies trying to learn the game and climb the skill ladder. There's plenty of tutorials and guess someone here would be willing to help us understand basic concepts.

    Who is in?
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