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    Advice on computer upgrade

    So with a new generation of consoles on the way and increasing lag on games I have been playing (As well as finally getting a job that provides the funds for an upgrade) I feel it is time for an upgrade. I've been trying to get a reading on how my computer shapes up on but it is still confusing and before I commit to buying I'd like to get my facts straight.

    My current specs (The computer was made in 2008):

    Graphics Card: Radeon HD 4800
    CPU: Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.40GHz
    Ram: 4GBs
    Operating System: Windows 7 64 Bit

    Now I don't need to be the very best, rather I'd like to make up a reasonable priced mid-step up.

    This Graphics Card seems like a big step up while also being very reasonably priced:

    But I dunno, would it be worth splashing out more for a card that would perform better and last longer? Is it as real a big step up as indicates?

    For CPU I have no real idea. What part of CPU description indicates if it is compatible with a motherboard?

    And will the new parts require more power than the current ones? Or is power consumption fairly standard?

    I'd like to try and keep the GC below 100 and the CPU below 150.

    And on a side note, what prompted this was The Witcher 2 running badly even after lowing many of the settings. But according to its Steam Store page I meet the recommended specs. Am I missing something?

    EDIT: I have been informed the socket of my CPU is outdated so I will need recommendations for a new MoBo too.
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    The 6670 wouldn't be an upgrade, other than the fact that it adds DirectX 11 support. Your system either has a Radeon HD 4830, 4850, 4870, or 4890. The 6670 is comparable to the 4830.

    For an upgrade I'd suggest something like a Radeon HD 7790 or Geforce GTX 650 Ti.

    As for the CPU, your motherboard is socket LGA 775. It's a venerable socket, they no longer make CPUs for it, but you might be able to find a used CPU for an upgrade. Like a Core 2 Quad Q9650. But it might be wiser to save up some money for a new motherboard, RAM and CPU in one go. It'll cost more, but also be a much more substantial upgrade.

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    Le sigh, okay, thanks.

    I guess I will add requests for MoBo recommendation to the Op then.

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    Yah, every 2 years there seems to be a new Intel socket. I always had the idea to increment upgreades using the same mobo, but that never happened for the past 3 PCs I built. I tend to use my parts for 3+ years and a new socket is already out.

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    You're better off giving us a budget for the entire pc (or a budget and a list of parts you want for that money). It's a lot easier for other people to give suggestions then.

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    Can someone please post a link to RPS article about mechanical keyboards?
    P.S. what is a good mechanical keyboard?

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