"If you're a fan of atmospheric, exploration-focused games like Fallout 3 or STALKER, you'll love The Long Dark."

after watching the gameplay video and reading THAT sentence i sat like a fool, fumbling in my desk to find a debit card i hadn't trashed on steam baubles lately. it just spoke to that part of me that enjoyed countless in-game nights sitting by darkened fires in shadow of chernobyl with my ears out for footsteps or shambles in the distance, rifle cradled against my character's chest. i can see the similarities in mood already, but was especially made curious by The Long Dark's ideas for NPC interaction as the game and the player's journey progresses. the way the video describes it, it sounds like an "all bets are off" situation, where these encounters can go very right or very wrong depending on the toss of a coin in an AI's palm, or yours. does one of you not have something you need to survive another night? hungry? cold? then things could get very complicated and tragic very quickly... made me smile.

i KNOW i'm not the only quiet, lonely explorer here who spends most of his game time seeing what there is to see and experiencing what there is to experience, so i figured i'd post this here and hope others would check it out and be as smitten with what's here as i was, enough that we can perhaps get the attention of one of the Greater Hive Minds to take a peek into it and maybe help push them over their funding goal. (i'm a selfish bastard, really, i just want to see if i can't make sure that i get to PLAY this sometime next year).