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    NO RETURN 3D Open World Survival & Huting Game for PC

    3D Massive Open World Wilderness Survival & Hunting Simulator for PC

    A Survival & Hunting Game For True Open World FANS.
    Track & Hunt Deer, Stag, Boar, Rabbit, Duck and other animals through extreme
    conditions. Find and explore new places, ransack for supplies as it will
    all be needed in the fight to survive.

    A PURE Survival & Hunting Game For True Open World FANS
    The player is a plane crash survivor who must learn to survive in the vast open world wilderness, after fleeing
    a corrupt EU super State run by the UN, the economic
    collapse has left many towns and buildings empty, its up
    to the player to adapt and survive
    for as long as possible. First you must crash land your failing aircraft.
    Build your survival base camp and learn to navigate by the stars, spear fish, hunt with a hunting bow and rifles.

    *** Single & MultiPlayer ***
    Games in Development
    Survival and Hunting Game Blog

    Official Site :
    Indie Db Site :
    YouTube :

    News :

    Gallery :

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