We're still trying to secure some coverage on RPS, so until then, we're here to shed light on our upcoming game Spark Rising!

You can check out our Kickstarter here which we launched last week!

Spark Rising is a game that deftly blends action and strategy in a sandbox world. It draws inspiration from the memorable battle scenes from Star Wars Battlefront campaign mode, and thanks to our voxel game engine you can build your own battle scenarios as you create fantastical fortresses, creatures, and more. You build. You battle. You conquer the galaxy in a 4x conquest mode. And you can share your creations with others!


You play a Spark Bot whose prime directive is to build fortresses and fight back against invaders from plundering your rare resources. Fortify your stronghold with turrets, traps, barricades and troops. When go into battle! Switch out exo-suits while in battle, which give you distinct abilities and firepower. Command a squadron of troops. Stay sharp as you have to contend with enemies who have different objectives and attack strategy.

As you get assigned across the galaxy to fight back against increasingly more powerful enemies, you start to go on the offensive and conquer new territory. You start to question… is your prime directive to protect, or to conquer?

There are three distinct modes planned, which will provide an endless variety of ways to play.
CAMPAIGN MODE reveals the story behind your Spark Bot, and its mysterious prime directive. Just who controls you?
CREATIVE MODE let’s you build whatever you want. Sandbox-style!
CONQUEST MODE introduces 4x strategy gameplay as you explore the galaxy, gather precious resources, and attack other players


You can build amazing environments, massive fortresses, vehicles, and all sorts of creatures. Lay down cube after cube to build exactly what you want, or place whole structures at once. We make it easy to build, enhance, and customize your creations.


Take your creations and then fight back against an invasion. It could be aliens that use strategy to weaken you. Or it could highly coordinated squadrons of mechs. Or rampaging dinos. Or swarming zombies. The game puts you into the heart of the action, via 3rd person perspective. Build and upgrade turrets, barricades, and traps. Command your squadron to aid you in battle. Fight back via long range attacks or jump into the thick of battle with melee.

Our dynamic battle scenario lets you jump into the heart of the action. But this isn’t just a twitch shooter. You have to use strategy, defenses, and troops to fight back against ridiculous odds. How battles unfold can change based on how you approach it, whether you are defending a fortress, conquering undiscovered territories, or attacking others, no two battles will feel the same.


  • Genre: Action with Strategy infused, 3rd Person Perspective
  • Theme: Sci Fi
  • Platforms: PC, Mac
  • Launch Date: Q2 2014
  • Game Engine: Voxel + Unity 3D