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Thread: My new PC build

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    My new PC build

    Hello everyone,

    since I've finished my university tests, I've spent tons of time on absorbing any information I could find concerning building my new computer. My current PC is over three years old now and the graphics card is (mostly) dead. I cannot play any games with 3D graphics anymore. Even playing Recettear for a prolonged period of time crashes my PC in an awesome fashion! (That sounds crazy, I know.)
    So a new PC is long past due. As I've said above, I've done my homework, but I haven't been able to find satisfying options for all components. So I'm asking for your help.

    My current PC build, plus all my thoughts on it, can be found here, on Google Docs.

    (The next paragraph is mostly pointless, as everything can be seen in the spreadsheet.)
    I've found two cases that sound kind of nice, but I'm not yet sold on any.
    I'm basically set on the CPU and its cooler (that's why they are in boldface). It's a Intel Core i5-2500K. I've heeded the advice of forum posters here and elsewhere that said that anything more expensive wouldn't be worth it.
    I have no clue on the PSU. However, the power supply calculator said that my system would need about 450 W, so I guess I should be safe with a (quality) PSU with at least 550 W, or very, very safe with 600 W.
    The CPU choice limits my motherboard options considerably, so I've simply chosen a recommended MSI P67A motherboard. I'm open to other suggestions, though.
    I've narrowed down my choices of graphics cards to about four, but now I'm stuck.
    I'm not 100% sure that 4 GB of DDR3 RAM will be enough. However, it seems pointless to buy more as this is one of the most trivial upgrade options available - if I need more RAM in the future, I could just buy more RAM in the future. I haven't decided on brands, though.
    I want an SSD, and ~128 GB of storage space sounds like the sweet spot of price/performance to me. I have no clue how to choose a specific model here.


    • I think this will be at least the third PC I'm building for myself, so I know how this works. But every three years, all my knowledge about hardware becomes so hopelessly outdated that it seems nothing I knew is still relevant...

    • I will hand down the PC I'm building right now to my little brothers in about three years time. So I will not be able to e.g. reuse the case in a later build. (I might be able to reuse the PSU.)

    • I do not need a version of Windows 7 due to MSDNAA.

    • As you can see in the spreadsheet, right now I intend to transfer ~1.5 GB of storage drives (500 GB internal SATA HDD, 1 TB external USB HDD) and maybe my current 20'' widescreen display to the new PC. I obviously still have keyboard and mouse. But anything else will (have to) be new.

    • I'll (try to) overclock the CPU. I've never done anything like that before, but I will be very careful about it and do it strictly according to a guide. The extra CPU cooler is for that purpose.

    • This is supposed to be a gaming PC, but I don't really play the most hardware-demanding games right when they come out. However, I can definitely see myself playing AAA games like DX:HR or Skyrim 1-2 years after they came out.

    • I don't need a "future-proof" PC. That seems like a fantasy, anyway. I'm fine with buying a new one every three years. But not much earlier than that.

    • I've included lots of links with more information in this spreadsheet, so it might be helpful to others who are currently building a PC at a similar price point.

    Now to my questions:

    1. Is there any gross oversight/inconsistency in what I've chosen so far? Except for the CPU, what would you change?
    2. Do you have any recommendations for the parts where I had no clue? (a ~128 GB SSD and a ~600 W PSU) If possible, I want a modular PSU if it doesn't mean a gigantic price hike.
    3. I don't really have a budget per se, but I don't want to waste money. Right now, the PC components cost about ~1100 $, but if it's somehow possible to pay less without sacrificing too much, I'd be happy, too :). In general, I'd benefit more from recommendations for downgrades than for upgrades. I probably won't benefit that much from an extremely fast PC, so if I really want more Nice Things, the money would be better spent on peripherals. I might play nice-looking games like Skyrim in the future or I might not, but I have no desire to play a 2011 equivalent of Crysis.
    4. I will give my current PC to my little brothers once I'm finished building this new one. There's a Geforce GT 8800 512 MB in it which would still be a very nice graphics card - if it weren't broken, as mentioned at the very top of this thread. I don't think there's any warranty on it anymore. Is there anything I can still do with it? If not, what's the price point for a similar replacement card?
    5. Any recommendations on peripherals, specificially new speakers? I already have a MX 518, but all other peripherals are still up for grabs.

    EDIT: Right, I'm from Germany, so I most likely won't benefit from hardware vendor suggestions from anyone outside Germany.
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