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    I really like the idea.

    In order to cut down on work, I'd suggest a group effort, group-of-games retrospective every few months. Basically gather together as many of the RPS writers as possible for a chatty discussion in the format of their "RPS Verdict" articles, and then have a go at a generous handful of the most popular releases from the past months, sort of like Alec's 'Wot I did on My Staycation' article.

    Having a number of writers going at it should help a little with the problem of most them likely not having had revisited a lot of the games in question. But they could also talk a little about how the games have aged in their memory. That can, I think, be pretty interesting too. Deus Ex:HR comes to mind... so much praise when it was released, but within months it seemed to already be less of a darling, less, I suspect, from people replaying it and more from it not aging well (just guessing--I never played it).

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    I think this sort of thing is best left to the community. The staff writers get games before we do, and can provide us insight when insight is hard to come by. As Henke says, I'd rather they spend their time and resources on new games; for diversity of opinion, questions of "still buggy, or not so buggy?" and so forth, I can rely on forumites.
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    Some great thoughts here. I like the 'if their perspective has changed regarding the game' angle. Especially since its seemed to have changed considerably on FC3. Just as one example. So yeah...not necessary on every game, per se. And the community here does a superb job of helping curious, prospective buyers of games-wot-are-on-sale.

    But in cases where a reviewer genuinely has something new to say on a game, I think revisiting that game would suffice. Someone gave the example of the Staycation article, which was really excellent. Also, the recent attention to XCOM, what with Enemy Within a few weeks away, is another good example.

    Thanks for the thoughts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by karaquazian View Post
    There's no reason why we couldn't do this.

    A "what we thought" section on the forum.
    The what are you playing at the moment section actually has a lot of this type of commentary in it.

    Another section of the forums that is broken down by game would be brilliant. The trouble is the amount of forum space this would take and how active the mods would have to be in creating new threads for each new game.

    The reality though is that the search function barely works if you want to get the RPS community opinions on the current state of a game or its mods. It would be nice if we could find a system to rival the Steam forums in finding helpful advice or reviews in the long run for games.

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