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    Poor shadow... Or brilliantly rendered Fantasy analogue.

    There we are ladies and gents, opinions.

    Quote Originally Posted by alset85 View Post
    I read the books and watched the show and the mod didn't do anything for me. There just wasn't enough content for a long form campaign.
    It is very much still a work in progress. Last I played there was no Essos, and a lot of things were just there to show the concept, without a lot of expansions etc. As more and more is done and added to it, I think the scope for longer campaigns will be there... Take a Targaryen Dynasty and unite Westeros OR Essos, that kind of thing.
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    I like ASoIaF, but real feudal politics were far more intricate and subtle than Martin's, though perhaps involving fewer boobies and exciting murders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephro View Post
    Pretty sure it does remove them after a bit.

    Also the Game of Thrones Mod was just urgh. Must be a fan service thing.
    Nope. You can lose traits, but it's usually either totally random or part of a randomly spawned choice event. "Just" kings can run around murdering babies and imprisoning people because they have a funny name. You do incur tyranny of course, but still.

    The game tends to purge a trait if the game feels you have too many. Loosing "Brave" half way through a campaign on a character that's butchered his way across Europe is just stupid.
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