Hi there!

Quick update for everyone who's wondering why our list of subforums is looking a little shorter than usual: That's because Solium Infernum has been removed from the list. Although the game did enjoy a fairly long period of popularity on the forum, in recent months interest seemed to have died off. At the start of July I made a thread to assess if it was worth keeping around and today contacted The Powers That Be to get rid.

But! It's not actually completely been deleted. We understand that a lot of people put effort into those games, and although RPS doesn't specifically have an archive function, you can still access Solium Infernum through the following link:


Y'know, in case players ever want to go back and re-live victories past?

Now, if you do fancy trying to set up a new game of Solium Infernum, I would suggest that you start a fresh thread in this here main section of Game Clubs... - that way you'll be visible to everyone.

Also today, the Minecraft subforum has been renamed to something a little more generic; there's only one active thread in there at the moment (the Minecraft server one), but the subforum will soon be home to the likes of Terraria and ARK too.

I'm going to let this thread naturally taper off as this is just an update, but feel free to post any comments below.