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    Battlefield 4 - extreme mans shootings


    We are currently having a vote on what kind of rules we'd like on the server. Go here and fill out this handy form -
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    Ask and ye shall receive...

    Full Server Configuration Vote Form

    Shall we say you have till Sunday evening to respond?
    The future is upon us! Rejoice and worship your new shooty God!

    Hello I am forums user Winstons and I will be playing Battlefield 4. I hope you do too.

    This thread is for posting your Battlelog ID so we can form RPS squads/friendlists for mans shootings funtimes, as well as organising any weekly team bonding/server invasion sessions. I see forums user QuantaCat was heavily involved with organising the BF3 community in RPS, so I hope I am not stealing your thunder - but I am overexcited about this game so thought I'd go ahead and get the new thread set up.

    Space reserved below for battelog ID lists which I will keep updated.

    MUMBLE INFO - go here for Mumbles

    To vote for what maps and modes you like, please use this google doc -
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