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    isthereanywebsite like for console stuff?

    Basically, I want a Vita. However, I also want to find a good deal on one because I'm a cheapskate.

    I'm also lazy. So I want a website I can subscribe to for personalised deal notifications for console stuff like you can with for PC games. Is there anything like that out there?

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    Sometimes doesn't work perfectly, but try CheapAssGamer, they definitely skew console and you can set thresholds for notifications on deals. Haven't tried them since the website redesign (I prefer since it covers everything in MUCH better detail), but they worked well enough in the past.

    Just avoid the forums. Holy crap is that place full of the people who show us why so many publishers and retailers don't want to offer deals without some form of "You abuse this, we ban you" feature.
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    You can currently pick up some of the 3G models brand new cheaper than the wi-fi models because Sony has discontinued the 3G version.

    I have a vita and if you're planning on getting one I strongly recommend big memory cards and a PS+ sub.
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    You should give out a try to CheapAssGamer. With this app, you can set thresholds for notifications on deals.

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