Inspired by titles like Quake, Unreal Tournament, Worms, Liero, and Soldat, Formicide is a multiplayer game set in a destructible 2D world. The game will feature several different environments, dozens of unique weapons, and extensive modding capabilities. The editor we're using to create all of the weapons, effects, rulesets (game modes), and player physics will be available when it's released. It includes our own custom scripting language: FSL, or Formicide Scripting Language.

The controls are your basic WASD for movement, space to jump and double-jump, and mouse for aiming.

For deathmatch, you equip yourself with a few weapons from dozens of options, from the simple and versatile to the strange and powerful. Each weapon has a powerful alternate fire that can only be loaded up from ammo found on the battlefield. The environments include both indestructible and destructible terrain, which will reshape the level as time progresses. Sometimes new pathways will open up for greater mobility, although new dangers may be introduced as well.

Our main goal for this game has simply been to create a fun, fast-paced, deathmatch game with colorful environments and big weapons that can be modded by its community. While I do greatly enjoy Soldat and Teeworlds, we wanted to bring together a versatile and creative arsenal more similar to Liero, but on a bigger scale with more features.

Our current goal right now is to get on Greenlight. While certainly not an uncommon goal for indie devs, tying the game into Steam is a huge deal for us. As with any multiplayer game, creating a large, close-knit community is vital, and Greenlight would be a huge boon for Formicide in that regard.

There will be a few different game modes to play on release in addition to classic deathmatch, including capture the flag and point control.

A few screenshots:

Rumble in the ocean
Badlands Temple
Charge through the inferno
Igniting flammable gas with the flamethrower

Any help with Greenlight/social media and any comments are greatly appreciated! I'd be glad to answer any questions as well, thanks!

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