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    LEVEL 22 : a "Stealth Comedy Game" on Steam Greenlight with a free demo

    Hi everybody !

    Noego has just launched a Steam Greenlight campaign for their new stealth game : LEVEL 22.
    In this game with a lot of humor and references to Metal Gear Solid, you play as Gary, an average office worker, which is late at work. The problem is that it's far from being his first lateness...
    So now, Gary run the risk to get fired at any moment if some of his colleague catch him in the act of being late. He will need to use all the stealth and tricks he has, to be able to climb the 22 floors leading him to his office.
    And he will have to do it, without getting noticed.
    You can try de demo HERE and support the game on the Steam Greenlight campaign.

    You can also support the game and get some goodies on the Indiegogo campaign.
    Here is a video :

    The game is still in beta, so any of your feedbacks are welcomed.
    Spread the word all around you : The world definitely needs a stealth game with cubic heads and big pixels !

    The Noego Team.

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    It is funny, i like it )

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    Nice idea, nice presentation - cool little game :)

    One suggestion I'd give is to have the camera follow you when you walk as well as allowing manual movement away from the player with the keys.

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    Really nice art style,kudos Noego Team ;)

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