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Netherworld: Gates Of Hell is a 2D platform-adventure, we're developing for Nintendo WiiU, Xbox One, OUYA, PC/Mac/Linux and Mobile but we really hope to release Netherworld also on PS4 and PSVita.

The plot
The story is about the journey of Steven in the hell, he committed suicide because in the “real world” he was going insane.
When Steven woke up in the afterworld he start hearing some far strange voices whispering his name...
In the real world he left his daughter, Violet, who is only 12. Violet got admitted to an asylum due to her father will...

The gameplay
In this new version you will be able to play both as Steven (the main character if you remember) and Violet (his daughter).Steven will explore the hell in 24 different platform levels while Violet will have to explore the Asylum and the Otherworld (provisional name) and to solve puzzles in order to find the truth about her parents' death.Note that these two worlds are linked and that Violet's action will influence the hell and vice versa.Here's a couple of pic.

Yes We're on Steam Greeenlight! Help us sharing our campaign!!