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    Hmm. Personally I would add more emphasis on the B series motherboards - you really do not need a Z77 chip when you are combining it with a non K series processor IMO. Perhaps use a Gigabytemobo with a B series chip in the ranges below 800 dollars?

    The rest of the recommendations are pretty solid though. I especially love your "Alternative GPU recomendations".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grizzly View Post
    you really do not need a Z77 chip when you are combining it with a non K series processor IMO.
    Well, non-K Core i5s can still be multiplier overclocked a little bit with a Z77 or Z75 chipset. It's only when you get down into the Core i3s and Pentiums that it really ceases to make sense.
    It also adds the option of SLI or proper Crossfire support, since the Z77 and Z75 chipsets can split the PCIe 3.0 x16 into two x8 links. But not all motherboards with those chipsets actually implement that feature.

    ... also noticed a thing: The Core i5-3350P is listed with a slightly higher price than the 3470. If that's actually the case, there's no reason to go with the 3350P, since it's just plain slower than the 3470. It's a damn good deal in some places though; on my side of the pond (the North Sea, not the Atlantic ;) ) it's 15 cheaper than the 3470.

    Edit: And another thing - you ought to recommend the 7870 XT as well. It's a really good option between the 7870 and the 7950 (the 7870 XT is actually a slightly hobbled 7950, just with a confusing name).
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