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    Any Friends from Ukraine Can Update Us on Situation There?

    We all know there is widespread public discontent against their government (elected of course)'s decision to withdraw from talk on closer economic tie with EU. As I know, current president Yanukovych won the last presidential election over Yushchenko primary because Yushchenko failed to revive the Ukrainian economy. And I am also aware that while Yushcenko is pro-west, Yanukovych is pro-Russia. Public discontent is against their government's decision to opt for Russia favor in stead of Western European one.

    I like both Russia and Ukraine, both are great nations. Therefore I regret to see that one is oppressing another every step of the way, which is an open secret. I also hope that Ms. Tymoshenko would regain her freedom and have her name clear. The condemnation against her is outright ridiculous.

    And if the public opts for western-oriented economy, why stop them from making the choice? Isn't Ukraine a democratic country? Isn't democracy the system electing Yanukovych the Ukraine president? It's has been almost 3 years and Ukraine's economy is still circling around the drainage. Shouldn't Yanukovych and his party worry about the next presidential and parliament election?

    So, you guys can share your insights on Ukraine's current situation and development?
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