Well it's happened again, my second ATI/AMD card - a 2 gig 6950 (2gb), has gone knees up too.

My first card from ATI/AMD, a 5850 (1gb) had a faulty power transformer and caused me to replace an entire PC nearly because I thought there couldn't possibly be anything wrong with the newest component.

This one has started giving me graphical artefacts while playing DXHR and since then has spread to all other games. Although its not running super hot research suggests it is apparently an over heating problem.

The rest of my pc is dust free and running fine.

So I guess the question is, do I try ANOTHER ATI/AMD card or head back the realms Nvidia? And what's happening on the Nvidia side of the pond these days?

No Nvidiot comments please, they might run hot and eat electricity for breakfast but they always lasted me far longer than any of these ATI/AMD cards...