Hey Everyone!

So I wanted to tell you about our game Wild Season!


Wild Season is a farming simulation game, similar to Harvest Moon, but with mature story lines & a greater focus on depth & character-driven storytelling. The game revolves around the main character (You), suddenly coming into possession of a farm in a far away town, and the story of how you repair, build and expand it. You'll work your way through a wide range of issues like heartbreak, drinking problems, and crazy exes. You can even join the town council and make crucial decisions for the town.

And the best part? We're making a PC/Linux/Mac version!

However we need your help to do it! We're nearing the end of our kickstarter and it looks like it's going to be a close call! But we need your help to ensure that we make it past the finish line!

The best part? The game is also going to be released on OUYA! Who have accepted us into their freethegames fund. This means if we hit our kickstarter we get DOUBLE what we're asking for in our game. These are funds that we fully intend to use to make the game bigger, better and more awesome than it is now! But we just need to hit our kickstarter limit!

So please drop by! Leave a pledge! And share it with your friends, family, neighbors and haunts! You'll be helping a dream come true!