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    Selling dumb t-shirts to fund our development!

    Well hello there, internet!

    My name's Anthony Palma and I'm the head of Kermdinger Studios. We're the 3-man indie team behind Stunt Runner, a sandbox physics puzzler that we showed at PAX Prime and are launching close to PAX East this year! We're coming down the home stretch of development, and we're on absurdly tight budgets (like, contracting for bits of cash while living with our parents to pay our many bills). We've been bootstrapping and working on this game full-time for 2 full years now, and we can't wait to launch it, but we need some help getting there.

    To make a little extra cash, we're going to launch a series of dumb, mostly unrelated t-shirts on an awesome new website called TeeSpring which lets shirt designers post Kickstarter-like campaigns for t-shirts with absolutely no risk of losing money! It's fantastic.

    Anyway, if you want an awesome t-shirt and want to support our development at the same time, you can pick one up here! This is what I think when I look at all the bills being deducted from my bank account.

    If you have any friends who also love dumb t-shirts, feel free to share this baby around. If we don't reach 250 sales the shirt will never be printed, and I'll personally be sad I'll never get to wear it. Make it happen, internet!

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