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    Re. FM14, my boyfriend has played 2012 and 2013 pretty enthusiastically and is just getting stuck into 2014. (I bought it through Game, who beat the Steam sale price in euro a few days ago.) He says there are some minor tweaks so far, the players look a bit more realistic on the pitch and the ball physics is a bit better. These are preliminary judgements only.

    On Football Manager games in general, I would say that they are quite good at capturing the soap opera element of football, as you get attached to players who you watch grow up and are genuinely sad to lose them and perhaps interested in their future careers with other clubs (playing with computer-generated players, not real people). It's fun (in a certain mindset) to struggle for promotion each season or to avoid relegation, but once you grasp the basics it doesn't seem to be a very difficult game unless you play competitive multiplayer. I am moderately interested in football but didn't get very far into 2012, struggling with the same kind of possibility overload that always gets me in Paradox games, but I enjoy watching himself play. I've bought Out of the Park 2014 for me this year, so we'll see if I get further with that.

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    Settled on XCOM andere Enemy Within. Not regretting it :)
    Pretty fun so far, and I decided to make a squad of musicians after the computer came up with a guy named James Brown. Our guns will sing! And mutilate.

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    Their helicopters might sing perhaps, while rockets fall on rocket falls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vinraith View Post
    They've been really inconsistent about that too. Some sales have had "after sales" where they did a "best of" thing, while with others its the last day of the sale proper. With this one ending on a Friday, I was sure they'd do a "best of" after sale over the weekend.

    The decision to return everything not on the front page to normal prices a day early is just kind of assinine, like an attempt to punish people for having the sense to wait to the last day.
    It doesn't matter much for me because there's really nothing I want, but it's bound to be frustrating for others. It's also just unwise, I'd think. I had a friend that had queued up about $100 in stuff for the last day, I'm quite certain he'll just cancel that order now that the items are no longer on sale.
    It'd probably help if they didn't have the 'more than 2000 games on sale' bit persisting in the banner. Is it just me, or is this the first time they've actually stopped the regular discounts before the end of encore?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wyhx View Post
    Settled on XCOM andere Enemy Within. Not regretting it :)
    Pretty fun so far, and I decided to make a squad of musicians after the computer came up with a guy named James Brown. Our guns will sing! And mutilate.
    I'm actually imagining killing off the aliens with good/bad music now. That would be a great mod!

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    Post sale but I just got two 50% time limited trade-able vouchers for crusader kings II if anyone is interested (I already own it and no one on my Steam list has it on their wishlist).
    2017 Yay!!!!
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    I found the sale dates to be confusing too. I was waiting until the last day to get "Expeditions: Conquistadors," assuming I had until the 3rd, but I guess the sale ended on the 2nd and the 3rd is strictly encore. Not a big deal (I can wait for it), but I don't remember any previous sales being that way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tikey View Post
    I've been waiting for Sonic blablabla transformed too. I've lost hope now.
    Quote Originally Posted by The JG Man View Post
    They're teasing some new DLC. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a free weekend coming up (again!!) in-line with the DLC release. That said, whilst it isn't off as much as might initially desired, 50% off is still an excellent price. I'm not advocating getting it when it does go on sale for less...but I am advocating the fact that I paid full cost for it on release and more than had my money's worth.
    Well I do have a spare key that was meant to be a christmas present, but the person who would receive it ruined my plans by buying it before I could gift it. >_<

    If you're still interested I'd be happy to part with it for about 5 bucks... or something else of similar value on steam.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Colonel J View Post
    20 hours into Enemy Within and it's much less bugged than my EU playthrough a year ago, but I've had one CTD in my last session and then a recurrent bug at a point in the same mission where I couldn't finish my turn because a sniper with a remaining action wasn't given a move, hunker down or overwatch option, only the option to shoot when there were no targets available. Had to go back to an earlier autosave. My theory is something broke because I didn't take their second double tap shot and moved on to another unit to kill the target.

    And if you don't have it, get it, it's great.
    Backspace ends the turn. There's also a button on the left side of the screen.
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