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    GamingAnchor - looking for suggestions and feedback

    My fellow Rockpapershotgun-ner(d)s, I salute thee.

    Let me tell you a little story.
    We got together with a few gaming mates not too long ago and thought about making some videos of us playing stuff that we like and sharing them with the world. We're a pretty fun bunch and as long as we knew that at least one person enjoyed our videos we'd be happy.
    So we made a youtube channel and GamingAnchor is what we called it (the anchor is a Pirates, Vikings and Knights II reference as we all have sunk quite a lot of time into that awesome mod). We started off with a few test Company Of Heroes casts (another game that we really love to hate). We received some good feedback, got some more serious casts up and eventually Octo and I thought about starting our first 'Let's plays'. There are so many great games out there! But there are so many great already established LPers as well. So instead, we decided to focus on mods! There are quite a lot new and old mods that need the longevity and attention videos on youtube could provide. Plus, we love mods <3. All of them. Total conversions or not. Cause we're leet pc gamers, yo.
    I've actually been thinking about making a post on the BEST PC GAMING SITE OF ALL OMG which is RPS ever since we started but I wanted to have some actual varied content on the channel first.

    So, I'm in the middle of my Worry of Newport playthrough (linky to the mod!), Octo is done with his The Citizen one (link) and has moved onto The Nightmare House (link) (you should check out Octo's summaries on his vids- they're golden).

    We would like to ask you to kindly point us in the way of any mods and games you'd really like to see commentated playthroughs of. If you are a mod developer we'd be more than happy to try out your mod.
    We are also ready for all criticism and comments. We were born ready. So bring 'em on.
    Please just note that technical problems are always lurking around the corner when you're making videos. We've had to scrap many of our efforts and had to deal with much frustration already. But that's the price one has to pay for perfection.

    Remember, mods only appeal to a certain niche (yet wonderful) crowd. We'll be trying to dip our feet into some untested waters here.
    Thanks for reading (or just skipping) through all this. We're still new and would appreciate your support.

    This is the link that will change your life.

    And this was TheSTALKER.

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    First Update

    Hello everyone, DrOcto here, I am with TheStalker and help our channel grow.

    After we have waited a long time to do so, we thought it'd be nice to keep this thread updated and post some news on what we're doing or have finished doing so far. We haven't really been active for a while but now that this year is almost over and a new year dawns at the horizon we figured we should really get cracking again!

    So, I guess I should move on to the reason why I even started tossing letters together here (I will only keep updating what I am doing, since TheStalker intends to write his own touching stories for you to enjoy):

    I have finished my Let's Play of Nightmare House (link)
    Also have I done a Let's Play of The Citizen II (link)
    And Titan: XCIX (Part One) (link)

    My current project is Dangerous World (link)
    And we are also doing quite a few SWAT 4 missions cooperatively (link)

    (I always linked the first part of the playlist)
    Hm. Now that I look back most of my Let's Plays are of Half Life 2 mods. But then again I really love that game. It might be a bit dated, but it still lives after all that time. As usual, we would really love to get some input on how we're doing, any suggestions and constructive criticism you have is most welcome!

    Well, that's my wall of words, I wish you all happy holidays and a happy new year!

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    Hey everyone, just letting you know I just got done with my Serious Sam: The Random Encounter playthrough and have moved onto an old fav, NOLF. We'll be trying to get content up more often now that we have a few more subscribers even though we have to fight the awful new youtube layout.

    Thanks for reading.

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