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    AMA'S LULLABY - A Cyberpunk/Post Apocalyptic indie RPG

    Hi there,

    I'd like to show you a new independant game that is currently in development: Ama's Lullaby.

    You'll find more info here:

    About the game : it's a Survival RPG in a cyberpunk and post-apocalyptic world. It tells the story of Ama, a cyborg. Left to herself after having escaped from her creators, she meets Bran, a lone survivor in the wastelands. Then she learns why she was created, namely to sacrifice to destroy all artificial life, and save the human race. But she quickly develops a taste for life, forges ties with Bran, and his donation is a gift that humanity maybe does not deserves...

    Who is this game for? This game is for you if:

    • You want an intense story, not only action and special-effects-in-your-face.
    • You think that game characters are usually boring, with no feelings or psychology.
    • You're used to count each ammunition and food rations in your bag. We never know.
    • Evocating movies like Blade Runner, The Road, Waterworld or Mad Max drive you crazy.
    • You love gloomy atmospheres!
    • Luck doesn't exist. It's all about strategy.

    About the team: we are 2 developers, 1 graphist and 1 sound designer based in Paris.

    About our objectives: we want to create a demo level of the game with all the main features included (survival mechanics, turn based combat mode, immersive dialogs). This demo will be free to play, and we hope it will help us to launch a crownfunding. Then, the success of this project is completely dependant of the community behind the game. That's why we would love to see you on our side: you can follow us on the Facebook page We will really need your support and feedback.

    Now, it's time to take look at what has been already done.

    (edit Dec 30, 2013): Here is an in-game video clip (only first tests, not the final game):

    Environment concept arts:

    In-game screenshot:

    3D model of the character Ama:

    You can see much more on the Facebook page of the project, we use it as a production diary; even if we'll post major updates on this thread, if you look interested.
    See you!
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    Here is an in-game video clip we have not posted before because it was just a test. But feel free to enjoy it:

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    ...and an other one:

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    Recap of the day!

    Our team is still working, especially on more technical stuff. Let's talk what's new, and what has been done:

    • Selection/Navigation system with pathfinding

    We are now able to create an army of zombies following you anywhere :)
    Just kidding, no zombies over here! Anyway, zombies don't need pathfinding, they walk straight.

    • Fog of War system

    Navigate in the level with a fog of war is definitely more fun. Now we can't see what's on the other side of a wall.

    • 3D props

    We are trying new 3D tools to improve quality and productivity, and we add some details to the environment.

    And take a look at this gun! We can't wait to shoot some robots in awesome turn based combats:

    • Music and sound

    We have our first sound in the game, and the music composition process has already begun. Take care, dark mood over here :)

    • Social

    Now you can fiind Ama's Lullaby on Twitter (@AmasLullaby):

    See you for the next update, stay tuned, and speak of Ama's Lullaby around you!
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    Hey guys! We've been quite busy this summer, we had to take a break with the game. Now we're getting back to work, and it starts with our new website!!

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    Hi all,

    As you will see with the next pictures, we don't have a lot of screenshots from our game prototype to show you. In facts, it is progressing quite slowly. The main reason is that the project is too complex (because of the RPG and hardore-oriented features) for being developed without any funds. It takes a lot of time, and because in our lives we have full-time jobs, it runs slowly. Furthermore, it's complicated to stay focused, and to motivate the team since the beginning of the project (it has started in the end of 2013...), without any guarantee of a succesful financing in the future. We'd love to give more for this project but we can't.

    That's why we're thinking about trying to raise funds, in a few months. It could help us to focus on the game, to develop it in a quite faster way. More importantly, it would give us the opportunity to build a real small game development studio behind the project, to make it more official.

    So, what are we doing now in our free time? Well, we're working on a small cinematic 3D movie, showing the game's atmosphere and main lines story. Here are some test renders and screenshots (still work in progress).

    We will be back very soon to announce our decision about the crowdfunding campaign, stay tuned! Feel free to tell us your point of view on our website, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or on this forum. You can also contact us via the contact form of our website.

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    After 8 months without any post here, I'd like to apologize for the lack of news. As you may suppose, we had some problems with the development of our game. The project was quite complex, with tactical combats, characters' health management... We have to admit that it was an awesome challenge for a small team. Even if we were really motivated, we had not enough free-time to work on Ama's Lullaby.

    During some months (the whole team was dissolved), I had to step back and think about the project. Then, one nostalgic day I played the point & click game Blade Runner, and it reminded me why making an indie game was important to me. I had to go back to the essential, to focus on three important things: characters, scenario, atmosphere. We had to forget complex stuff, because we are just not experimented enough for that (and there is a long list of reasons to leave these ideas). I had to have more control on the development, to be able to make "un jeu d'auteur" (a "game d'auteur ? ", you know, like a film d'auteur, in French), with a more personal vision. I'm a 3D generalist artist and musician, but I didnt' know anything about programming for games. So I spent all my free time to learn the basics of C#, and I'm sure that in the future it will help me to find the good balance between the needs of the gameplay & the programming abilities. This is the strengh of author/indie games, you know, when the time and money budgets are very limited.

    So, is there no futur for Ama? No way! I wrote a prologue to the Ama's Lullaby story, and it is the opportunity to try an other approach. Maybe some of you will be disappointed, because the post-apocalyptic/survival side is absent in this prologue, you'll find "only" a 100% cyberpunk tone.

    Today, the modeling process has already begun. Here is a spaceship that has an important place in the story :

    More news to come in the future about the new gameplay and the story, stay tunned!

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